IMPACT Analysis Pipeline

IMPACT (Integrating Molecular Profiles with ACtionable Therapeutics) is a novel Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) data analysis pipeline that integrates both single nucleotide variants and copy number alterations from WES data to identify a list of candidate genes for therapeutic targets. From the list of candidate genes, IMPACT returns a prioritized list of drugs predicted to target these cancer genes using our recently published comprehensive drug-target database. IMPACT analysis pipeline also allows users to explore the tumor heterogeneity of the sample. This allows users to understand the clonal dynamics from WES data during the course of treatments, or comparisons of clinically similar samples to each other.

IMPACT Pipeline and Example Files


Download IMPACT

Example Cancer Fastq files R1 Fastq (~5.5GB) R2 Fastq (~5.5GB)

Example Normal Fastq files R1 Fastq (~4.7GB) R2 Fastq (~4.7GB)